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If you have any questions or comments regarding the proposed development following this consultation event, please contact Dominic Waugh at Fairhurst on 0191 221 0505 or

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*1. Do you think the site is in need of redevelopment?
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*2. Do you think that the provision of dedicated, managed, well maintained student accommodation is preferable to students living in general rented accommodation (houses / flats)?
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*3. Do you agree that the proposed management arrangements for the site are suitable?

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4. Are there any further management arrangements which you would like to see? Please comment below.

*5. Do you agree that the City's universities play a significant role in the local economy?

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*6. Do you agree that the development is likely to be beneficial to local businesses?

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*7. Which do you think is the most important aspect of the design? (tick one only):

 Interesting appearance/design The height/massing respects the surrounding buildings/landscape The use of high quality materials Other (please specify below)

*8. It is proposed that the development will not allow students to bring any cars with them, and as such, there will be no car parking provided except for staff and students with disabilities. This will be controlled through the Student’s tenancy agreements. Do you support a no parking development?

 Yes Unsure No

*9. A planning application was previously submitted for a residential development of 40 flats up to 5 / 6 storey (plus ground floor) high. It is proposed that the student accommodation development will be of a similar height and massing as the approved residential scheme. Do you support the scale of this proposal for student accommodation?

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*10. Overall, do you think the proposals will be an improvement to the area?

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*11. Do you consider the site to be a suitable location for Student Accommodation?

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12. Is there anything else that you would like to see as part of the Proposed Development?

*13. Which age group are you?

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