Alumno have a proven track record of working closely with local communities on all developments and are keen to engage with local stakeholders. They are working in partnership with Derwent Living who will be the accommodation managers for the scheme. Derwent are a ‘not for profit’ housing association who currently manage over 20,000 student accommodation units nationwide. Their shared values are very much community and customer focused.

Derwent Living take the standard of service for student accommodation management very seriously and in 2011 were awarded the International Accommodation Quality Mark. This recognises the achievement of 90% student satisfaction from the National Student Housing Survey (only three private sector organisations have this award).

The development will be managed to the Universities UK Code of Practice for University Managed Student Accommodation standards. The Code sets out the main elements of good management practice. Its key features include:

  • Health and Safety;
  • Maintenance and repairs; and
  • The relationships between managers and their student tenants.

It also aims to assist students in understanding both the standards and procedures which apply to their accommodation, as well as their obligations as tenants.

On Site Staffing

It is proposed the site will be managed by a dedicated Site Manager from Monday to Friday during office hours and supported by maintenance and cleaning staff. Outside of office hours, on- site Wardens and an out-of-hours call centre will be able to deal with any emergencies relating to anti-social behaviour, safety and security. Wardens will be able to personally attend to matters outside of business hours on a 24/7 basis.

East Sands Development Management

Noise & Anti-Social Behaviour

The continual staff presence by the Site Manager and Wardens will ensure that local residents always have a point of contact should there be any problems relating to noise or anti-social behaviour which means that any problems can be dealt with quickly.


The Management Team will actively seek to engage with local Tenants and Residents Associations and community organisations. In addition to working closely with local people, the Management Team will hold regular meetings with local residents and groups to discuss and address any issues.

Pick Up/Drop Off

This will be a managed process over two weekends each academic year. To stagger arrivals, each student will be advised of a date and time to take up occupancy of their room. If students and parents choose to ignore these timings the Management Team will reserve the right to refuse access.


The proposals are well located in relation to existing facilities. The site is only a short walk or cycle from the Universities of Aberdeen and the City Centre. Powis Place is a sustainable location for student accommodation.

All Saints Green Students

Car Parking

It is intended that the proposals will be a ‘zero car development’. At this stage, it is expected that there would be limited car parking spaces available for disabled students, management staff and servicing. Restrictions on students bringing cars to the site will be written into and enforced through their tenancy agreements.